LSSM - Large IBM haul

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Fri Sep 7 10:09:38 CDT 2018

    > From: Anders Nelson

    > Their latest comments on Facebook mention they're about halfway there.

Yeah, but I was wanting to know how things had gone since that posting
(although I haven't looked to see if there's any update). As of last night,
they'd made significant progress past what was in the posting, but still had a
ways to go.

I've just sent in a chunk, so I think I have the standing to appeal for others
to help, too! :-) It's a really worthwhile cause - there aren't that many
System/370's left in the world! (I know, I know, not as cool at the /360, but
still important.)

Here's the URL again:

with the details of the appeal. (You don't need to be a FaceAche member
to read it; I'm not, and it came up OK for me.)


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