Eudora email client source code released

Boris Gimbarzevsky boris at
Fri May 25 11:56:37 CDT 2018

Thanks for doing this.  I still use Eudora as my primary mail program 
and have been doing so since about 1991, first on Mac and then on 
Windoze.  Have started using Thunderbird as easier to configure for 
new email formats and should probably get up to speed on developments 
since popmail format - much easier to do when one has source code to examine.

It works far better than any other email program I've encountered and 
absolutely detest M$ outlook which seems to be the default for most 
people now, unfortunately.  People now seem unaware of the size of 
their emails when they use html for sending a simple email and I use 
plain text only and attach files when need to use another 
format.  Other nice thing about Eudora is that every attachment needs 
to be opened individually and am immune from malicious email 
attachments/embedded malware.

Years ago I reverse engineered the mailbox file format enough to be 
able to recovere emails when Eudora crashed in the middle of 
compacting a mailbox.  Now that have the source code should be able 
to get all 27 years of my emails into a single database.  Eudora can 
handle large numbers of emails but it gets sluggish and finally 
crashes when don't archive mailing lists such as classiccmp and will 
be nice to have all the emails from this mailing list available for 
searching as one database rather than having to trying to find 
scattered archived Eudora mailbox files from decades ago.

Boris Gimbarzevsky

>For the last five years I've been working with Qualcomm and others 
>to allow the Computer History Museum to release the source code of 
>what was, in my opinion, the finest email client ever written: 
>Eudora. It's finally done!

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