Restoring a PC Server 500 P/390

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Tue May 15 01:29:27 CDT 2018

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> I Frankensteined a P/390 together out of a P/325 server and the PCI P/390
> card back in the day.

I am told the PCI card is rather choosy about which servers it will run in. The system came with most of a P330 as well, but no case.

> I assume you do have the LIC for the P/390 card, without which you’re dead
> in the water.

The latest version of the PC support tools simply load it from the P390 Advanced Diagnostics Disk.  
This was the bit I was worried about but it wasn't a problem at all.

> At least the PCI model wasn’t picky about the disks it used.  And I’m pretty
> sure it’ll work with whatever the final Warp Server release was (4, maybe?)
> by which time the native TCP/IP support was a lot better.  It was a nice little
> machine for its day, although Hercules is now many times its speed on
> modern hardware.

It’s the RAID card that’s the problem, and it seems to have always been temperamental. Did you use RAID in your P/325?

> I used mine to run VM/CMS and Linux (under VM) quite well.

I was thinking of trying Linux. I assume you ran Debian? 

> Adam


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