Restoring a PC Server 500 P/390

Adam Thornton athornton at
Mon May 14 21:02:51 CDT 2018

I Frankensteined a P/390 together out of a P/325 server and the PCI P/390 card back in the day.

I assume you do have the LIC for the P/390 card, without which you’re dead in the water.

At least the PCI model wasn’t picky about the disks it used.  And I’m pretty sure it’ll work with whatever the final Warp Server release was (4, maybe?) by which time the native TCP/IP support was a lot better.  It was a nice little machine for its day, although Hercules is now many times its speed on modern hardware.  

I used mine to run VM/CMS and Linux (under VM) quite well.


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