Anyone need KB11-B FMPS?

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Sun May 13 07:33:20 CDT 2018

So I've just realized that the KB11-B (the earlier -11/70 CPU, the KB11-C
being the later) FMPS is not online; I couldn't find them (but then my
Google-fu is notoriously weak, q.v.  the Motorola 4015 - thanks all, BTW), but
Manx also says:,9214

they aren't available.

So, I have a set (got it not too long ago on eBait). Does anyone need these?
Only my 8x11 scanner has auto-feed, so I'm not up to doing the whole thing,
but I'm prepared to go through and scan the things that are different from the
KB11-C (the prints for which _are_ available); the M8133 and M8138, and
whatever else is different (flow diagrams, etc).


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