Zenith Z-90 startup

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at gmail.com
Sat May 12 13:23:35 CDT 2018

Any Zenith Z-90 owners out there (which appears to be the same thing as a 
Z-89 / Heath H89, but with a DD soft-sectored disk controller)?

I was given one up a couple of days ago which isn't giving the expected 
"H:" prompt at power-on - but it *does* give a blinking cursor, and hitting 
off-line lets me type, and characters get echoed to the screen. 
Right-shift-reset clears the screen and gets me back to the cursor.

Before I dig deeper, I'd like to verify that this isn't a feature, i.e. 
that it's not auto-magically dropping into "terminal mode" at startup :-) 
Unfortunately while I have masses of documentation for the machine, I'm 
lacking a basic user guide which might shed light on any such mode; some of 
the more detailed documentation that I have talks about rerouting the port 
cabling to use the system purely as a terminal, but doesn't mention doing 
any other configuration.



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