HP 3000/37 console

Keven Miller(rtt) kevenm at reeltapetransfer.com
Tue May 8 08:38:54 CDT 2018

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 Another quick thought,
Putty ( https://www.putty.org/ )
has serial mode, and an AnswerBack for ENQ (Control-E).
You could try using that, although HPterm escape sequences will not work.
Keven Miller

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>>    Does anyone know if a non-HP terminal will work as the console for a 
>> HP 3000 Series 37?  The power-on self-test uses ENQ/ACK to speed sense, 
>> but the manual also implies that it will sense speed from a <CR>.  On my 
>> 37, the TIC self-test passes up to the point where it talks to the 
>> terminal, but fails to to speed sense.
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