Troubleshooting HP 2116B

Al Kossow aek at
Fri Jul 27 11:43:18 CDT 2018

I have other 2116 cpu manuals, getting time to do anything to find them or look for differences is a problem.

On 7/27/18 4:14 AM, Christian Corti via cctalk wrote:
> Ok, so I've got the computer almost running now. I now need to fix both sense amplifier cards. One (0..4k) sometimes
> reads a one for bit 3 after the machine has warmed up. The other (4..8k) has a stuck one for bit 7.
> Swapping these cards make the errors move to the other core bank respectively.
> I have the newer cards, 02116-6298, not the older 02115-6001
> The latter has CA3028A used as sense amplifiers. My card uses HP 1820-0183 (metal can IC from RCA). I guess that it is
> also a CA3028A or maybe a CA3053. Can anyone confirm this?
> Next, the manual on bitsavers (02116-9153_2116B_Vol2_Oct70, and the same as found on the hpmuseum site) not only
> contains some errors (see my other post about the front panel lamps). It has also some badly scanned pages with parts
> missing, notably page 5-50 (PDF page 350) lacks the right part of the page. Is there a better scan available? My 1968
> copy does not list the 02116-6298.
> Christian

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