HP-2116 front panel lamps

David Collins davidkcollins2 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 04:24:06 CDT 2018

Christian, when I was restoring the HP Computer Museum's 2116A I ordered a
bunch of these 345 bulbs from 1000bulbs.com - but it seems they no longer
stock them. 

I did find this listing though which looks current...

They are around 0.04A current draw - not 0.75A!

Hope that helps,

David Collins

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I need to replace several broken lamps from our HP-2116B front panel. The
old/original ones are CM-345 or OL-345. This makes sense, they are rated 6V
40mA 10000 hours.

The maintenance manual says something different and is even wrong and
HP part number is 2140-0035, description "Lamp, Incadescent, 6.3V, 0.75A"
This can't be true. 92*0.75A would be 400W alone for the front panel
The manufacturer code is 71744 (Chicago Miniature Lamp Works), mfg part
number 1775. That is indeed a 6.3V lamp, but 0.075A (better!). Problem: 
that is a midget _screw_ base lamp, so wrong socket and only rated for
1000h. The panel and switches need a midget flanged base lamp. Who wrote
that manual? Was he drunk? ;-)


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