Semi-OT: Hitachi Seiki Micon16-II

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sun Jul 22 14:12:30 CDT 2018

Over on the CNCZone forum, there's a user, John, whose ID is shas595 who
seems to know just about everything about these units and is willing to

You might want to drop him a line.


On 07/22/2018 11:26 AM, JP Hindin via cctalk wrote:
> Good arvo all;
> A family member recently purchased a rather large CNC which uses a
> Micon16-II system (as well as a Fanuc 15M) to drive it. Unfortunately
> the battery for the RAM died during storage prior to him getting it and
> all of the ladder logic is gone.
> We'd really love to try and find some kind of technical manual for the
> 16-II, or anything really, to assist in talking with the machine and
> interrogating it's state. We have a copy of the missing ladder logic in
> paper form so we're not totally out of luck, but the ability to enter it
> in segments rather in one 40 hour slog might be nice.
> If anyone has anything easily sharable we'd very much appreciate the
> assistance;
> Thank you.
>  - JP

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