Semi-OT: Hitachi Seiki Micon16-II

JP Hindin jplist2008 at
Sun Jul 22 13:26:12 CDT 2018

Good arvo all;

A family member recently purchased a rather large CNC which uses a 
Micon16-II system (as well as a Fanuc 15M) to drive it. Unfortunately the 
battery for the RAM died during storage prior to him getting it and all of 
the ladder logic is gone.

We'd really love to try and find some kind of technical manual for the 
16-II, or anything really, to assist in talking with the machine and 
interrogating it's state. We have a copy of the missing ladder logic in 
paper form so we're not totally out of luck, but the ability to enter it 
in segments rather in one 40 hour slog might be nice.

If anyone has anything easily sharable we'd very much appreciate the 

Thank you.

  - JP

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