Ali cctalk at
Fri Jul 20 09:30:19 CDT 2018

> My first 5150 started life with the white switch black power supply.
> A decade ago, the college dumpstered the collection of one of my
> colleagues; besides IMSAI, ProcTech, N*, he had had a few dozen clean
> 5150s and 5170s, including several of the "gold-badge" 5170s.


I've never heard of a 5170 w/ a gold badge or a 5150 w/ a white switch. I
have a very early 5150 (model A if you prefer) which according to SN is one
of the first 2500 produced and that one has a red switch. Do you by any
chance have the SN on yours handy?

p.s. what did the gold badge signify?


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