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Thu Jul 19 18:07:59 CDT 2018

On Thu, 19 Jul 2018, Ed Sharpe wrote:
> a  really  clean  IBM 5170 if it  landed  her  would  be  welcome though!

My 5150s, 5160s, and 5170s are very far from "clean".  Functionality over 
esthetics.  Additional mounting holes, some have additional DB25 and 
DC37 cutouts in back, some don't have lids (a few never did), one 5170 had 
bad case damage when a bookcase landed on it during Loma Prieta, etc.

My first 5150 started life with the white switch black power supply.
A decade ago, the college dumpstered the collection of one of my 
colleagues; besides IMSAI, ProcTech, N*, he had had a few dozen clean 
5150s and 5170s, including several of the "gold-badge" 5170s.

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