Info needed: CMI 1600, CDC Omega/480, IPL Systems, Olivetti 5300

Paul Anderson useddec at
Wed Jul 18 23:26:35 CDT 2018

I have a sew thousand ECL chips I'd love to sell...

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> On 07/18/2018 03:15 PM, Johannes Thelen via cctech wrote:
>> Anyone familiar with these PCMs? I got a CMI 1640 and little help needed.
>> Here's photos:
>> /folders/1w74AYe6lRSn9gJhyKVlBYAq5zRDWybSw?usp=sharing
>> What this 370 clone is exactly? If I have understood right, Steven
>> Ippolito's IPL Systems Inc developed the original machine and CMI
>> (Cambridge Memories Inc) made them. Also these sold as Omega/480 and
>> Olivetti 5300 series. Later CMI made their own versions and I believe this
>> one of those. But I haven't found model 1640. So is this 1641..? What is
>> difference between CMI and others? Microcode?
>> I got belong with the machine a couple manuals, Maintenance and Theory of
>> Operation. Unfortunately original microcode disk is missing (and 8"
>> drive...), so that would be needed if I ever want to fire this thing up.
>> Any ideas where I could find a one?
>> Wow!  solid state memory and ECL chips for the CPU!  Going to be real
> hard to find the missing items unless somebody who worked with them hid
> them in their garage.  Anyway, such a machine is pretty useless without a
> bunch of peripherals.  You'd need a disk control and drives and a comm
> control to be able to do much of anything.
> Jon

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