Info needed: CMI 1600, CDC Omega/480, IPL Systems, Olivetti 5300

Jon Elson elson at
Wed Jul 18 21:08:38 CDT 2018

On 07/18/2018 03:15 PM, Johannes Thelen via cctech wrote:
> Anyone familiar with these PCMs? I got a CMI 1640 and little help needed. Here's photos:
> What this 370 clone is exactly? If I have understood right, Steven Ippolito's IPL Systems Inc developed the original machine and CMI (Cambridge Memories Inc) made them. Also these sold as Omega/480 and Olivetti 5300 series. Later CMI made their own versions and I believe this one of those. But I haven't found model 1640. So is this 1641..? What is difference between CMI and others? Microcode?
> I got belong with the machine a couple manuals, Maintenance and Theory of Operation. Unfortunately original microcode disk is missing (and 8" drive...), so that would be needed if I ever want to fire this thing up. Any ideas where I could find a one?
Wow!  solid state memory and ECL chips for the CPU!  Going 
to be real hard to find the missing items unless somebody 
who worked with them hid them in their garage.  Anyway, such 
a machine is pretty useless without a bunch of peripherals.  
You'd need a disk control and drives and a comm control to 
be able to do much of anything.


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