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> On 18 Jul 2018, at 03:22, Fred Cisin via cctalk <cctalk at> wrote:
> Could the Gotek firmware, and some drivers on PC's with "HD" or "ED" controllers, be kludged together to get faster data transfers?

Good question. I’ll ask since that could be implemented with a line in the config file. Keir is constantly updating the firmware to add extra features so it might be there already.

> 3" and 3.25" were also almost completely compatible with the "standard" 34 pin interface.  Although I remember one drive that had 5V and 12V swapped in its 4 pin power connector!   And my 8" drives did not standardize power connector and requirements.

Early Amigas had +5 and +12 swapped . I didn’t realise this and the first time I hooked up a Gotek to my A500 it cooked the USB stick but thankfully didn’t kill the logic on the board.

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