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> On 8", notch is write protect; no notch is write enabled.
> on 5.25", notch is write enabled; no notch is write protected.
> I think that that justifies calling the 8" a "write protect notch", and
> calling the 5.25" a "write enable notch".

I was not aware of that.

Thank you, once again, ClassicCmp, for making me feel relatively young.

I think I have seen live working systems with 8" floppies about twice
in my entire working life, both in the late 1980s. I have never used a
system with them, not even once.

I'm 50 and my first memory of any kind is the first moon landing.

Last night, in a pub quiz, which to the organizers'  amazement we won
-- we were the "old people" team (3 × ~50, 1 × ~35), when one of the
questions was about "the early days of the old-time internet, if
you're old and you've been online forever."

It was about Myspace.


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