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Tue Jul 17 01:33:20 CDT 2018

I still don't know for sure which way to do 8 inch compared to 5.25. I usually try to write both ways but soon forget which is which.

It won't do any good to tell me as I'll still forget. I just remember the 8 inch drives were different.

Another good quiz question is where the index hole was on a 8 inch disk for the various flavors of 8 inch disk.


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> On 8", notch is write protect; no notch is write enabled.
> on 5.25", notch is write enabled; no notch is write protected.
> I think that that justifies calling the 8" a "write protect notch", and
> calling the 5.25" a "write enable notch".
> Used 8" drives that I got sometimes had write-enable tabs in them that
> had fallen off.  Once out of the enclosure, you did not need tiny
> fingers to work on 8" drives.

Well, it's a matter of half-full/half-empty.  The 5.25" notch was always
called write-protect, so go figure.

I've got a few old 5.25" DSDD floppies with a very clover
adaptation--they use a little aluminum slider in the jacket so that one
doesn't have deal with finding sticky things for protection.

The placement of the 5.25" notch, under whatever terminology--on the
jacket *side* was very convenient.  It was possible to poll the sensor
to detect disk insertion/removal without the need for powering the
spindle motor.   I coded some stuff up in the late 70s for a "Put that
back!" alarm when the disk contained files open for writing.

I've got some 3M-branded 8" notched floppies that came with a strip of
transparent *red* stick-ons.   The result was that even when applied,
the disk to some drives was still write-protected.   Very frustrating
the first time encountered.


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