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Sat Jul 14 18:04:41 CDT 2018

On 07/14/2018 04:40 PM, Adrian Graham via cctalk wrote:
> Since I got my first Gotek last year I've learned more about floppy 
> drives and disks than I ever thought would be neccesary but there's SO 
> many different formats out there that I never knew about.


I expect that I will be learning things too.  In fact, I'm planing on ~> 
counting on exactly that.

Thankfully I've had some exposure through friends and various mailing 
lists; cctalk, TUHS, COFF, and various newsgroups; comp.os.vms being 

> In the 80s my exposure to floppies was all DEC so I knew about hard/soft 
> sectored drives and that RX50s had to be read in an RX50 drive. PC wise 
> it was all IBM-related so a disk from one machine would work in another 
> (alignment issues notwithstanding).

I had a vague sense that different OSs had different types of floppy 
drives.  I've also heard of hard vs soft sector drives, but I have no 
idea what the difference is.

> I'd used CP/M at school but assumed all CP/M machines used the same disk 
> format. Wrong!


It's my understanding that MS-DOS was one of the earlier OSs to 
standardize file systems used across disks for various computer 
manufacturers.  There were still some physical differences though.

> Fortunately I still find learning fun :)

Grant. . . .
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