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Sat Jul 14 16:34:50 CDT 2018

On 07/14/2018 02:43 PM, Adrian Graham via cctalk wrote:
> I love them, I see FlashFloppy has also been mentioned which is also 
> excellent. Keir Fraser (flashfloppy) is constantly updating it to add new 
> support for formats suggested by folk either on the facebook group or on 
> the github repository. It will support a lot of image formats natively and 
> can be configured as IBM or Shugart interface though only as DS0 or DS1.


I really like that FlashFloppy will allow the same single device to 
support both 1.44 MB and 720 kB floppies.

Aside:  I've got to say, I've never really messed with the various 
numbers associated with floppy drives, but the 1536 really surprised me.

I apparently have a lot of history to learn at some point.

> They've let me bring a lot of my collection back to life.


I'm messing with a machine that I can likely get the floppy drive to 
work (it's only 25 years old).  But I have exactly one other floppy 
drive and no floppy disks that I trust.  So I figured that I might as 
well convert to emulation and catch up with all the images that I'm 
using in virtualization.

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