Needing help fixing an irix boot disk

Pete Turnbull pete at
Thu Jul 5 08:28:12 CDT 2018

On 05/07/2018 10:08, Mazzini Alessandro via cctalk wrote:

> Long story short, a while ago I cloned the hd of a Fuel I got given (6.5.16, original installation from an iconic car designer, Bertone), and all was ok. The original hd was then left in place but unpowered, the cloned was upgraded to 6.5.22 to maintain the classic applications.

> getting more puzzled... the boot drive appeared readable, so why the scsi hard errors.
> Then I simply reconnected the original hd, and from that one boots with no issues... result, probably the last or both shutdowns while the Audigy was plugged were not so clean.

> Bottom line, anyone ever got in this situation and has some tips on what to do ?

I had something similar happen to one of my Indys running 6.5.22 
recently, and I ended up running standalone fx from an installation CD 
to map out the corrupt sector and then reinstalling.  That wasn't too 
bad because I have all the necessary 6.5.x CDs as images on a server on 
the same network (so no tedious swapping of a dozen or so CDs) and I 
have a "selections" file for inst, with the things I need.

But since you have a bootable drive, you might be able to bring the 
system up with both drives installed, booting from the 6.5.16 drive, and 
running fsck over the (unmounted) 6.5.22 drive.  If that doesn't work, 
you could probably still create a selections file from the unbootable 
drive which you could use in the worst case of having to re-install.

Pete Turnbull

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