Needing help fixing an irix boot disk

Mazzini Alessandro mazzinia at
Thu Jul 5 04:08:39 CDT 2018


Long story short, a while ago I cloned the hd of a Fuel I got given (6.5.16, original installation from an iconic car designer, Bertone), and all was ok. The original hd was then left in place but unpowered, the cloned was upgraded to 6.5.22 to maintain the classic applications. Fast forward to the present :
Had the smart idea to install an Audigy 2 zs pro ( the kind with the external box, and that takes current using a molex from the computer psu - I used the rail going also to the boot hd ), and the Fuel started acting weird ... not turning on unless pressing more than once the power button, one of the front fans speeding up and down and even stopping, Display Expander I/O errors  ( I should note that from the moment I got the Fuel I had to disable env since the I2C on the V10 board is acting crazy ).

I managed to boot / use it a couple of times... then it didn't go past the Prom.

Removed the Audigy , after a while ( and 2 times left disconnected from the wall outlet for a bit ) it sort of restarted to power on consistently on pressing the button, but it always ended stopping at the prom splashscreen

Invoking a manual boot resulted in this

after going in circles for a bit, had the brilliant idea of doing this from the prom sash :

thus getting more puzzled... the boot drive appeared readable, so why the scsi hard errors.

Then I simply reconnected the original hd, and from that one boots with no issues... result, probably the last or both shutdowns while the Audigy was plugged were not so clean.
Ideally I would prefer not to clone + upgrade + readd programs again, and I think that repairing the damaged installation would be better especially in case it happens again in the future. I've tried to ask around, but I've not got any hint, and if there was something in an old neko thread... well, we all know that those are unavailable.

Bottom line, anyone ever got in this situation and has some tips on what to do ?

Thanks in advance,


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