MSV11-J engineering info

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Mon Jul 2 21:14:53 CDT 2018

Hi, I'm looking for engineering info on the MSV11-J. I was unable to find any
prints online, or even a technical manual. (I have the User Manual, but it doesn't
have much detail.)

The main issue I'm after is working out which bits go into which chips.  I
have some other QBUS memory boards with no documentation where I created the
mapping by just pulling chips, e.g.:

but, alas, on all the MSV11-J's I've seen, the DRAM chips are not socketed -
unlike QBUS memory boards by almost all the other manufacturers (e.g. National
Semiconductor, Camintonn, etc - in fact, pretty much everyone _except_ DEC).

Anyway, if anyone _does_ have an MSV11-J with the chips in sockets, I'd
_really_ appreciate hearing from them!

I'm not sure it's going to be possible to work it out from looking at board
traces, since the MSV11-J is ECC memory, and I expect all the data lines just
disappear into the two huge gate array chips.

Anyway, I would appreciate hearing from anyone with anything on the MSV11-J.


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