Looking for North star software

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Mike Douglas has a bunch of North Star utilities that you can use to "bare
metal bootstrap" disks:


Unless you have a stockpile of hard-sector disks, you probably also want
his Virtual Sector Generator board:



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> I was thinking someone has already done this. If no, as you say, it is not
> an impossible task.
> The TSS/B is suppose to be their scientific package. It at least has BASIC
> in it. I have another disk marked CP/M in the same box. I should be able to
> put something together under CP/M.
> It is a North Star Horizon. There seems to be some images out there so I
> don't know how they are being captured.
> Dwight
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> On Mon, 2 Jul 2018, dwight via cctalk wrote:
> > I have a machine that I'm just now bringing up. I have some boot
> > software but it is TSS/A that is the accounting multi-user package. I'd
> > really like the TSS/B floppies instead. I'd settle for images.
> Sounds like fun!
> What model Northstar?
> Once you get some images, have you worked out a way to get the images onto
> hard-sector disks?
> AFTER you boot the machine, with some minimal programs, you can transfer
> data into the machine through serial port.

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