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On 30/12/2016 22:31, Robert Adamson wrote:
>> Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2016 14:10:05 +0100
>> From: Pontus Pihlgren <pontus at Update.UU.SE>
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> )
>> Yes, but it is the taller racks. I had only seen the metal header on
>> the PDP-12 and our 8/I with earlier lower racks.
>> /P
> My 1972 pdp-8/e has a metal header on an H960 tall cabinet. This was
> definitely original (I ordered and commissioned the machine back then).
> (Same one as the 8/I in the photograph - no model designation).
Hi Guys
               I a note of explaination might help.  DEC allthough large 
was not one homogenous company.
It was split into product lines.  Nominally they were marketing groups 
but what constiuted a market was very flexible.

DEC corporate  acted like a venture capitalist. You put in your business 
plan and got funding.
You purchased hardware, software and services internally or 
exceptionally externally.

Customising for a market was normal. There was a minimal style guide but 
beyond that you could do what you

So lots of diffent banner is to be expected.

Rod Smallwood

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