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william degnan billdegnan at
Fri Dec 30 22:14:18 CST 2016

You can add the industrial/11 blue and red to your color page, not an exact
match to any that you have on your site, but my photos are not color
consistent, you'd have to see or scan.  From my eye (and I am a web
designer who has to match colors for living) my actual industrial/11 is
red/white/blue as in the USA flag colors, pretty down the middle primary
colors, despite what my photos show.  The banner is blue/red but it's a
little faded, the paddles are more "as-was", here is the most accurate
photo, or you can search youtube for industrial/11 to see it.


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> Rod,
> On Thu, Dec 29, 2016 at 8:04 PM, Rod Smallwood
> <rodsmallwood52 at> wrote:
> > Hi Guys
> >
> >             I have had a quick word with the girls down at the silk
> screen
> > shop.
> A couple of years ago I tried to translate the DEC color standards to
> RGB based on the colors in the standards on bitsavers. Here is what I
> came up with:
> I think I posted this already.
> How have you been doing your color matching? Have you published a
> color list for the panels you have made? I am thinking about color
> matching for switch handles for example that are in the same colors.
> Some enduring standard translation for the colors would be great to
> have available in the future.
> I never imagined how slippery color was until I tried to do the color
> matching from the DEC standards. I had to meet Munsell, Ostwald and
> the CHM (Color Harmony Manual, not the Computer History Museum),
> before I was done. And Pantone seems to be the Microsoft of color.
> -chuck

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