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Tue Dec 27 00:11:13 CST 2016

I just sent  Rod and Tony  8M metal sign Hi Res   check  your bad mail 
my AOL ends up there  often
Rod cam change  my 8m scan to say 8E  or 8 whatever!
so funny... I found this behind a console radio  today -  I had  not seen 
it  in over 20 years
It used to be on  one of my H-960s that had PDP-8  in it..  fortune it 
would tun up on a day with some one in need.
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paisley at writes:

>  Thanks for the offer. But as yet I don't have a picture. I don't even  

> know that the banner existed. 
> All I've seen (and got)  are the PDP11 ones. I _assume_ there was one 
> for PDP8 systems, but  
> assumptions can be dangerous. 

Hi Tony. Are you talking about  the banner for the main system? Or the 
second rack? 

The PDP/8e one  looks like this:  

A few years ago I had an insert printed out at a local Fast Signs  store. I 
scanned an original that was beat up and created some artwork for the  
PDP-8e, PDP-11, and a DECSystem10 one (The first 2 were made from actual H960  
rack banners. The last one was a whimsical one I created for fun.) I am not 
at  home right now, but I can look to see if I can dig up the art work. I 
don't  have one online of my PDP-8e one, but here are the other ones: 

Todd Paisley  

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