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Tue Dec 27 00:02:19 CST 2016

Re- the PDP-8 one I just scanned..    On the plastic  thing on H-960  these 
metal logo plates  stick  right into the  front into  the recess with gummy 
stuff on the back of the metal.
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>>> I hadn't  realised that they were printed on aluminium. Ouch!. I also
>>>  don't know how they are fixed to the plastic header panel, my  plastic
>>> panel is 'empty' and I don't see any adhesive residue.  Maybe some
>>> kind of double-sided tape?
>> No, the  aluminum is adhesive-backed (with a rather potent adhesive).
>> It's  similar to what you see in serial number plates on machinery.   I
>> have somewhere a PDP-11 banner plate by itself, with the wax  paper
>> backing covering the adhesive still in place.  If your  plastic bracket 
>> clean looking, it may never have had the panel  stuck to it in the first
>> place.
> Odd...The chap who gave me  the rack removed the panel (and the fan,
> and the stabiliser feet) for  transport and gave me a box with them in. He
> commented that as I was  putting a PDP8e in it, I'd probably not want the
> banner that was there  (I am pretty sure that the original contents of 
> H960 was some  kind of PDP11 system).
> Anyway, spend the day cleaning dust off  parts, stripping the fan and 
> controller, etc. I did not notice  any adhesive residue on the plastic 
> panel. And I think I would  have done.
> So perhaps the header was blank, or the banner just  pushed in (perhaps
> somebody forgot to remove the backing  paper...).
> -tony

Sounds like the banner plate  for my 11T (Qbus 11 in a 50inch rack) the
banner holder was such that it  could slid in from the end if you took
off the plastic end stop.  It  has the PDP-11 in in the older reds scheme
on thin maybe .040"  aluminium.


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