Anyone want an RK11-C manual?

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Fri Dec 16 10:53:56 CST 2016

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> Onderwerp: Anyone want an RK11-C manual?
> As I finish going through the mounds of paper I've recently aquired, I now
> have a extra (duplicate) copy of the RK11-C manual (in the format of the early
> 11/20 manuals, i.e. 11"x17" sheets).
> Is anyone here qinterested in having it? Preferably somehow who actually has
> an RK11-C - I know there's at least one person on CCTalk who has one.
> If so, please let me know. (People who actually have an RK11-C get
> preference. And if you already have a copy, please don't try and hoard a
> second! :-)
>                 Noel

To comment on that, I have an RK11-C, but I am pretty sure I have the
manual. I certainly have an original of the printset.


> But I am not giving up hope … I recently acquired something I did not think
> to be possible to happen … I “picked up” an H960 rack with RP11 controller
> and *three* RP03 disk drives aand 6 packs.  The rack is already moved, the
> drives are a separate story. Each drive weighs 415 lbs. “So what” you might
> ask. Well, they are in a cellar and three flights of stairs (10 steps, 6 steps,
> and 4 steps) is too much for 3 strong guys to push one drive up the stairs.
> We are now looking into another option to get the drives (and a DEC
> _line_printer, also very very heavy!) up to the first floor …

Can these units be dismantled without totally losing alignment,etc. At least
remove PSUs, spindle motors, etc. I once moved an RA60 (much lighter,
but still too heavy for one person to carry easily) downstairs by taking it
almost completely apart. Incidentally, it is surprising how much the PCBs
in a full cardcage weight, it is often worth pulling them all out.

I suspect an RP03 dismantled like that would still be too heavy for one person
to move, but with 3 people it might be possible.

I hope your upstairs floor is strong enough for them... You do not want them
coming back downstairs at 9.81m/s^2


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