Anyone want an RK11-C manual?

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Onderwerp: Anyone want an RK11-C manual?

As I finish going through the mounds of paper I've recently aquired, I now
have a extra (duplicate) copy of the RK11-C manual (in the format of the early
11/20 manuals, i.e. 11"x17" sheets).

Is anyone here qinterested in having it? Preferably somehow who actually has
an RK11-C - I know there's at least one person on CCTalk who has one.

If so, please let me know. (People who actually have an RK11-C get
preference. And if you already have a copy, please don't try and hoard a
second! :-)


I remember a week in 2005 (or thereabouts) when one RK11-C was on eBay.
It went for $57 (IIRC).  There have been a few occasions since then that I
slap myself for not at least trying to get it ☹
Never seen a single RK11-C ever since.

But I am not giving up hope … I recently acquired something I did not think
to be possible to happen … I “picked up” an H960 rack with RP11 controller
and *three* RP03 disk drives aand 6 packs.  The rack is already moved, the
drives are a separate story. Each drive weighs 415 lbs. “So what” you might
ask. Well, they are in a cellar and three flights of stairs (10 steps, 6 steps,
and 4 steps) is too much for 3 strong guys to push one drive up the stairs.
We are now looking into another option to get the drives (and a DEC
_line_printer, also very very heavy!) up to the first floor …

  *   Henk, PA8PDP

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