PDP-6s at MIT

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Thu Dec 15 08:24:02 CST 2016

    > From: Lars Brinkhoff

    > Does anyone know more about this PDP-6? Did it ever run ITS, like its
    > PDP-10 successor?

I don't know about the software run on the two PDP-6's - by the time I
arrived at MIT, they were both powered off and never, as far as I know, ever
ran again. I would _assume_ that it ran ITS.

I don't recall if the physical remains stayed until the KA's were
de-commissioned, or of they were removed prior to that - I suspect they
stayed, since they were mixed in with the KA's - in the case of AI at least,
wired in together - but don't remember exactly. I don't recall if the I/O bus
was shared between the two CPUs on the DM machines, the way it was on the AI
KA and PDP-6.

The DM PDP-6 was part of the DM KA 'assembly' - DM was in two rows (front and
back) to the right of the right-hand door from the lobby into the machine
room. IIRC, the PDP-6 was in the front row, to the right? of the KA CPU. (The
back row contained memory boxes - a mix of different DEC memories. I don't
recall where the tape and disk controllers were - or the disk drives. I seem
to vaguely recall a few boxes to the left of the KA CPU? Maybe there are some
pictures of the MAC machine room that will show it.)


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