Megatek Series 7000 Graphics System?

Al Kossow aek at
Wed Dec 14 08:53:48 CST 2016

On 12/14/16 12:56 AM, Holm Tiffe wrote:

> As far as I understood, you now have found the AM2901 BitSlices in your
> machine?

> It where intersting to know in which order the boards in your system are
> placed.

Unfortunately, the boards were separated from the chassis years ago, and after
a couple of days of searching I can't find the chassis. I really hope it didn't
get tossed in a purge last summer.

I found some bits of code on the net (mgdev.h in the BRL-CAD package) that describe
the instruction set, and a couple of people I need to try to try
contacting to see if they still have any documentation. There were drivers around
for V6 Unix, Purdue, MIT, UPenn and several other places wrote their own packages it seems
for it

I have the Purdue library on a DECtape image that I'll need to extract the files from.

If you can look at the backplane, can you tell me if it is just bussed straight across?
It really seems like there were over the top card connectors for the peripheral bus and
just a bus arragement on the backplane.

It is a very modular system. In the case of the vector version, a minimum configuration
was the unibus interface, processor, memory, and vector generator cards. I think your
unit was raster, so there was an intermediate vector to raster converter, and frame buffer
that took the display list memory and rasterized it.

My unit has additional cards (rotate, light pen, keyboard/peripheral interface cards)

This all makes a lot more sense once I was able to find some brochures in the CHM collection
yesterday that hadn't been cataloged until recently.

Another rathole :-(

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