Megatek Series 7000 Graphics System?

Holm Tiffe holm at
Wed Dec 14 02:56:16 CST 2016

Al Kossow wrote:

> a product spec for the 7000 is up now on bitsavers.
> there are two busses, graphics and peripheral.
> On 12/13/16 9:07 AM, Al Kossow wrote:
> > I think that most of the backplane may just be bussed, with 16 bit adr and 32 bit data.
> >

Thanks Al for all the interesting documentation.
I hope I'll have some time left over this weekend and I'll try to cleanup
that thing a little bit and sort out wich cards I have.

I have the same toughts about that Microcomputer Sandwich, seems to be
an complete processor module including the microcode in the bipolar

As far as I understood, you now have found the AM2901 BitSlices in your
It where intersting to know in which order the boards in your system are


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