HP1631D Logic Analyzer..Software???

Holm Tiffe holm at freibergnet.de
Wed Dec 14 03:07:34 CST 2016

Glen Slick wrote:

> On Mon, Dec 12, 2016 at 2:26 AM, Rik Bos <hp-fix at xs4all.nl> wrote:
> >
> >> I used HPDir to dup the two floppies from a physical 9121D drive into .HPI image
> >> files, then verified that the 1630D can access those .HPI image files loaded into
> >> HPDrive to emulate a 9121D drive.
> >>
> >> I can send those two .HPI image files to anyone who wants them.
> >
> > Glen,
> >
> > Could you upload them to http://www.ko4bb.com/
> > So the measurement community can access them also?
> >
> > -Rik
> >
> I'll do that later. I should add a readme with some notes about
> exactly what the files are and how to use the images before I upload
> them. Otherwise most people will have no idea what they are. You know
> what to do with an .HPI image file, other people might not.
> On another note, did HP ever provide tools and documentation for
> writing Inverse Assemblers for the 1630 series? For the 1650 / 16500
> series there is the 10391B Inverse Assembler Development Package which
> includes documentation, a compiler, and sample code. As far as I can
> tell the IA code space on the 1630 series must be limited to a total
> of 8KB as that is the total amount of EEPROM storage for saving an IA
> configuration on a 1630G. I wonder what sort of tools they used for
> writing IA for the 1630.
> -Glen

As far as I know I do have an HP IEEE488 ISA Board lying around somewhere,
and I'l ltry to look at the stack of old Motherboards if I can find
something with a "higher" CPU and ISA Slots to build a Windoze computer
that can be connected to the 9121D Drive so that I can restore the
images to disks.


What about those LIF Utils (lifdump, lifimage)from Tony Duell (Tony??)?
Can I make disks for the data, maybe by reordering sectors and such?
I don't have a computer that natively runs some Linux currently, but
installing a Kinux souldn't be a big problem.

If I get your permission Glen, I'll upload the images to my pulblically
reachable dumpster of old data (www.tiffe.de/Robotron) so that anyone
can download them..


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