HP1631D Logic Analyzer..Software???

Glen Slick glen.slick at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 10:57:52 CST 2016

On Mon, Dec 12, 2016 at 2:26 AM, Rik Bos <hp-fix at xs4all.nl> wrote:
>> I used HPDir to dup the two floppies from a physical 9121D drive into .HPI image
>> files, then verified that the 1630D can access those .HPI image files loaded into
>> HPDrive to emulate a 9121D drive.
>> I can send those two .HPI image files to anyone who wants them.
> Glen,
> Could you upload them to http://www.ko4bb.com/
> So the measurement community can access them also?
> -Rik

I'll do that later. I should add a readme with some notes about
exactly what the files are and how to use the images before I upload
them. Otherwise most people will have no idea what they are. You know
what to do with an .HPI image file, other people might not.

On another note, did HP ever provide tools and documentation for
writing Inverse Assemblers for the 1630 series? For the 1650 / 16500
series there is the 10391B Inverse Assembler Development Package which
includes documentation, a compiler, and sample code. As far as I can
tell the IA code space on the 1630 series must be limited to a total
of 8KB as that is the total amount of EEPROM storage for saving an IA
configuration on a 1630G. I wonder what sort of tools they used for
writing IA for the 1630.


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