6502 code

Sean Conner spc at conman.org
Tue Dec 13 01:20:51 CST 2016

It was thus said that the Great dwight once stated:
> Hi
>  There has been so much PDP and other stuff lately I kind of feel out of place
> asking about 6502 stuff.
> Anyway, I've mentioned on the 6502.org that QuickSort is not always the fastest
> sort. So I wrote a 6502 assembly sort but don't have a machine big enough to test it
> on. I've only got my KIM-1 just working.
> I was hoping someone would like to help me out, possible a Commodore64,
> maybe even a PET or Apple II.
> It needs about 24 page zero bytes and about 5K of RAM.
> It sorts 1K of 16bit integers.
> Anyway, if someone would like to help, let me know. I've made several passes
> through the code and believe it to be close to bug free but know I'm bound
> to have a couple left.
> See it as a challenge!

  If you have a modern system, you could always download a 6502 emulator and
test it on that.  Such a tactic wasn't even unheard of in the day---if I
recall correctly, that's how Gates & Co. tested their first BASIC---on an
emulated 8080.


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