6502 code

dwight dkelvey at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 12 13:51:10 CST 2016


 There has been so much PDP and other stuff lately I kind of feel out of place

asking about 6502 stuff.

Anyway, I've mentioned on the 6502.org that QuickSort is not always the fastest

sort. So I wrote a 6502 assembly sort but don't have a machine big enough to test it

on. I've only got my KIM-1 just working.

I was hoping someone would like to help me out, possible a Commodore64,

maybe even a PET or Apple II.

It needs about 24 page zero bytes and about 5K of RAM.

It sorts 1K of 16bit integers.

Anyway, if someone would like to help, let me know. I've made several passes

through the code and believe it to be close to bug free but know I'm bound

to have a couple left.

See it as a challenge!



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