AT IBM Industrial's for sale (Ebay warning)

Ali cctalk at
Fri Dec 9 02:28:13 CST 2016

> I located the following on the 7587 specifically, and the other URL is
> related to all IBM industrials.
> All Industrials:

Well not all the industrial machines. The IBM industrial series started with the 553x machines (XT class) then the 753x machines (AT class) and then the 75xx series of machines (PS/2 class w/ MCA, 486 chips and upwards into Pentiums and PCI). 

I have a number of 7532s (basically a rack mount 5170 w/ beefed up ventilation) and a 7546 (486 PS/2 MCA). However, I have been/am still looking for a 7531 (tower version of the 7532). I had a line on one a few years back but the guy disappeared after his first email to me...


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