AT IBM Industrial's for sale (Ebay warning)

jim stephens james.w.stephens at
Fri Dec 9 01:49:07 CST 2016

I've not laid hands on any yet, I ordered up 5  for stock.  I do know from
the friend I mentioned that the bus is a bit odd, but only that it is
faster in some timing than regular AT.  But regular ISA cards did fit.
These were in toll booths running printers, so may have been loud, no data
on that.

He does have the printers, and at one time the tickets were about the size
of Hollerith cards, but later they were reduced in size.  The tickets were
issued and timestamped, and at the time you exited, you were charged for
mileage, but they also did a measure of how fast you got thru the mileage,
and if it was too small, you got a ticket.

But there was some sort of machine coding / readable on it.

I think my friend said the line was part of what IBM called (calls) their
Data collection systems.

One of the google hits with the 7587 mentioned:

I located the following on the 7587 specifically, and the other URL is
related to all IBM industrials.

All Industrials:

If someone has any other archived info, would be interesting to see if it
is somewhere that it will survive.

On Thu, Dec 8, 2016 at 11:35 PM, Ali <cctalk at> wrote:

> > I have contact with a motivated seller who has a huge bunch of IBM
> > Industrial systems to sell.  They are Model 7587, and were used on the
> > Kansas Turnpike to run printers and the like (maybe other stuff).
> Just to clarify these are much later machines then the Industrial AT type
> - which can be good or bad depending on your point of view ;). These are
> PCI/ISA systems so could make a great tweener. Not sure how good they would
> be for everyday use as all of my other industrial IBMs (AT class and PS/2
> class) have screaming loud fans!
> Just my two worthless cents ;)
> -Ali

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