HP1631D Logic Analyzer..Software???

Holm Tiffe holm at freibergnet.de
Mon Dec 5 13:31:54 CST 2016

JP Hindin wrote:

> On Sat, 3 Dec 2016, Holm Tiffe wrote:
> > Hi folks,
> >
> > I have an HP1631D Logic Analyzer for some years now und got an HP9121
> > dual Floppy drive that fits to it yesterday.
> > I've tested the drive, formating disks, storing and reading data ist
> > working :-)
> > While reading the Users Manual of the LA I've found out that besides of
> > storing setup- and configuration data on the disk, there should some
> > loadable disassemblers for the HP1631D exist on floppies..
> >
> > The Logic Analyzer is very limited from todays point of view but for
> > example an Z80 disassembler where nice to have.
> > Has someone out here such disassemblers (Z180, 8085, 8080, 6809 etc)
> > for the HP1631D?
> Hey Holm;
> I'm _pretty sure_ I have the Z80 disassembler for the 1630. I have a 1630G 
> and a 9121, but unfortunately I was never able to get the 1631 to talk to 
> the 9121 - I don't know if the drive was bad as I have no other way to 
> test it.
> Has anyone else gotten you an image of this? if not I can try and figure 
> out a way to image it.
>   - JP

No, I don't have gotten something off list jet.
I've heard from a friend that another friend that died in the menatime, had
managed to copy HP9121 disks on a plain PC with something like Super Copy.
The drive was used on some HP Computer that controlled a PCB assembly
system from Siemens in his case and that is from where my Drive is
coming from.
Additionally I've read somewhere that it should be possible to write
such disks on Linux with some utils, but I haven't had the time jet to do
some experiments myself.
I have an FreeBSD Computer with 3,5 and 5,25 inch floppy drives in the
same room as the 1631D, maybe I could try this tomorrow.

What's the problem with your drive? Set the Drives Address to 2, this is
the default and check the peripherals menu again it the drive could be
found. I've fiddeled around for some time until I got it going...


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