Winchester-style coax connectors?

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Thu Dec 1 13:27:24 CST 2016

Hey all --

Due to a small miracle I now have 8KW of perfectly functioning core in my
long-ill Imlac PDS-1D.  The last hurdle is devising a replacement for the
missing display (an X/Y vector display).  For the time being I'm going to
attempt to use an oscilloscope, but first I need to build a cable.

The Imlac uses a Winchester connector (14 position) for the display and
while they're not as common these days the parts can still be found so I
thought I was in the clear, but what I failed to notice is that three of
the "pins" (for the X, Y and Blank signals) are actually tiny coaxial
connectors that fit within the Winchester housing (i.e. they're the same
diameter as a Winchester pin).

I haven't been able to track these connectors down anywhere.  Anyone have
any ideas?

Failing that, I can always just tap into the backplane to pick up these
signals and ignore the connector on the bulkhead, but it would be nice to
be able to use the original connector...

- Josh

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