Bitcoining on a 1401

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Fri May 29 21:10:43 CDT 2015

On 05/29/2015 02:18 PM, Marc Verdiell wrote:
> We do have two 1401s, and on a good day, they both work. No working
> 360s. But even if we could have the two 1401's talk to each other, it
> would still take about the age of the universe to mine a block. This
> is about the worst machine for scientific calculation, as it does
> BCD, character by character arithmetic, in a serial fashion, one BCD
> digit at a time. Hardware multiplication is an optional add-on
> feature on these machines (which we have)!

Well, you have to understand that the 1401 was used as an I/O device for 
the 7090//94 (cf. "SPOOL"), which were *real* scientific computers of 
the time.  You don't happen to have any of those, do you?

Wonder how long it would take on a Microchip low-end PIC MCU?


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