Panaplex display history

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Fri May 29 17:54:39 CDT 2015

JOOI, does anyone know when Panaplex 7-segment displays started going the 
way of the dodo, to be replaced with LED displays (and, on the back of 
that, what were the advantages of a Panaplex-type display over an LED one?)

I just saved a few boards from a dumpster with such displays on (they're 
actually Beckman ones, not Burroughs), but I was a little surprised to see 
IC dates into 1981; I thought by then things had moved over to LED.

I'm almost certain that they're from old gas pumps - maybe the displays are 
just more readable in bright sunlight than LED? (there's a sticker on one 
of the PSU boards with a 'shipping date' in 1999)



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