Old HP test equipment power connectors...

Tothwolf tothwolf at concentric.net
Wed May 27 08:10:54 CDT 2015

On Tue, 26 May 2015, Chuck Guzis wrote:
> On 05/26/2015 08:28 PM, Brent Hilpert wrote:
>> Like wulfman and chuck and as described on my page, I replace the 
>> chassis inlet whenever I can, although occasionally it's not possible 
>> due to proximity of other chassis elements as the IEC inlet is slightly 
>> larger.

Belden made a lot of cords for HP and others, and sometimes you can still 
find them NOS in their original packages.

> Right now, I'm cursing the guy who thought that the "cloverleaf" or 
> "mouseketeer" power receptacle was a good idea.  I'm sitting here 
> looking at an HP ScanJet wondering if it would be worth the effort to 
> replace it.
> Fer heaven's sake, what was wrong with the IEC connector?

Which specific IEC connector? A lot of people think of the C13 as the only 
IEC connector, but there is a whole family of IEC 60320 (IEC 320) 
connectors. If by "cloverleaf" or "mouseketeer" you are referring to the 
C7 or C5 couplers, those types are part of the IEC 60320 standard. 
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEC_60320 (Full disclosure: I have access to 
copies of the official 60320 standards and I spent a good deal of time 
working with some other editors on the material for Wikipedia). Now, if 
you want to talk about really weird connectors, Sony had a number of power 
connectors which can be incredibly hard to find replacements for today...

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