ID help, Ampex tape drive and other things.

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> Hi
> I'm about to go on a small road trip to pick up some computer gear. I'm
> curious about what I'm actually getting :)
> I know what the Siemens and IBM things are, but:
> What system would the the Ampex Series 800B have been used with?

They don't look like computer tape drives. They have notes on the side that
talk about tracks 8-14 which is odd if they were computer drives as that's
normally 9-track tape. Possibly some kind of audio recorder?

> The Alfaskop terminals, are they 3270 compatible?

If the other kit is related probably not. The IBM screens are 5250 so
mid-range. I would have thought the Alfaskop were also 5250 compatible, but
then I can't find any reference to Alfaskop having made 5250 screens. If
they have co-ax connectors they are 3270 compatible, if they have twinax or
DE-9 then 5250 for S/36, S/38, AS/400.

> Regarding the huge stack of tapes, what should I look for in order to
> what might be on them, is the "9270" label any clue?

The other labels. "9270" looks like a tape library number, and as it also
says CA-DYNAM-T I suspect the tapes were managed by a Computer Automation
Tape Library Management program, and the only pace the content of the tapes
was recorded was in its database.

> I will leave the Esselte Scribona FD 20 behind, but I'm curious what it
is? I
> think it may have served use on an airport, printing boarding passes or
> similar.
> Regards,
> Pontus.


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