ID help, Ampex tape drive and other things.

Pontus Pihlgren pontus at Update.UU.SE
Mon May 18 03:23:53 CDT 2015


I'm about to go on a small road trip to pick up some computer gear. I'm 
curious about what I'm actually getting :)

I know what the Siemens and IBM things are, but:

What system would the the Ampex Series 800B have been used with?

The Alfaskop terminals, are they 3270 compatible?

Regarding the huge stack of tapes, what should I look for in order to 
identify what might be on them, is the "9270" label any clue?

I will leave the Esselte Scribona FD 20 behind, but I'm curious what it 
is? I think it may have served use on an airport, printing boarding 
passes or similar.


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