Wanted: ASM-48 for Intellec MDS-2

Eric Smith spacewar at gmail.com
Sun May 17 14:48:02 CDT 2015

On Sat, May 16, 2015 at 5:43 PM, Richard B. Main, Esq.
<mainpatents at gmail.com> wrote:
> The 8041 has the same pinout as the Intel 8741 programmable.

It's the same pinout, but the 8041 is NOT rated for application of
+25V to the EA pin, as used to do ROM verification of the 8741.

> A Pro-Log M980 PROM Programmer with a PM 9054 personality module can read out the programs
> inside.

Does the Pro-Log have a specific setting for 8041, or are you using
the 8741 setting and overstressing the part?

I've successfully read 8048 parts using a programmer configured for
8748, but I only did that on parts that I could afford to sacrifice. I
don't have spares of the IOC 8041A, so I'm building a kludge to read
it properly without applying 25V to EA.

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