Hex to Octal (3 digit) converer

Philip Lord philip at neoncluster.com
Sun May 3 23:31:30 CDT 2015

I’m looking for a program (or preferably an online conversion site, as I use Macintosh) that can convert a long stream of Hex, to 3 digit Octal.
I have found one site that works ok (http://www.kjetil-hartveit.com/blog/10/hex-binary-decimal-octal-and-ascii-converter <http://www.kjetil-hartveit.com/blog/10/hex-binary-decimal-octal-and-ascii-converter>), but the octal it outputs is not always 3 digits long. Unfortunately I then need to manually add the missing ‘0’s, which can be a huge pain for long listings, and open to human error.

For example the above site does….

Entering this:
0E 09 11 1B 01 CD 05 00

Outputs this:
16 11 21 33 1 315 5 0

But I want this:
016 011 021 033 001 315 005 000

Does anyone know of a good site (or some good software)?

Much thanks


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