Looking for SYSGEN and FORMAT for Versafloppy 1 controller

Philip Lord philip at neoncluster.com
Sun May 3 22:58:25 CDT 2015

I have a single CP/M 1.4 boot floppy that came with my IMSAI 8080 system. 
It’s been a bit of an effort, but the system is now fully functional from a hardware point of view.

I’m now looking for SYSGEN and FORMAT programs (or any programs at all) for the Versafloppy 1 controller card. 
I’m hoping these will allow me to get a backup of the floppy before it dies. 
It’s already marginal, and boots only once in every 3 attempts, so whatever I do, I’m going to have to be very careful.

For more info, you can see my post of VCF about it here:

Cheers & thanks.


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