Computers_With_BASIC_in_ROM / was Re: Texas Instruments CC-40 won't boot

Fred Cisin cisin at
Sun May 3 16:05:41 CDT 2015

Some have excluded some machines hecause they define them as 
"calculators", instead of as "computers".  (Although I would think that 
THAT clearly puts it over the line into "computers")

We already had arguments about whether having the ROM in a cartridge that 
could be unplugged counted.  What if the ROM is on a card inside?
Does it matter whether the ROM is soldered V socketed?

Is a PROM a ROM?  EPROM?  EEPROM?  Non-volatile RAM?  What about BASIC in 
bubble memory?  in COREs?

On Sun, 3 May 2015, drlegendre . wrote:
> Do the tandy Model 100 / 102 / 200 machines qualify? They all have MS Basic
> in ROM - in fact, I think BG may have done that coding..?

NOW, we need to clarify the definition of what constitutes BASIC?
Is it really BASIC if Kurtz and Kemeny rail against the "enhancements" 
that have been made to it?

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